Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Challenge Completed !!!

Well I made some time today to finish off my doll for the May Craft Challenge from Christy's Craft Challenge.

First I used more parts from the taken apart flower and used them for her hat.
Next, I made her a wand/sceptre using again, parts from the taken apart flower and some of the floral stem wire.

Using more wire I joined the wings together.

Used one of the buttons and a piece of ribbon to make her a "Flower Power" belt.

Then finally taking the paper, an origami instruction book and trial run first, I made a Flower boat/box. Came out pretty good considering I've never made one before.

And here are some photos of The Flower Fairy finished floating in her boat. (figuritively).

I have uploaded my pictures and now the wait to see if I am one of the finalists.
I hope!

This was fun all the same if I win or not.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Challege !!

Well after I dropped DD1 at her party in town and came home, I finally had some time to start my May Challenge from Christy.

After much thinking - I have finally decided on a Flower Fairy.
What better thing to represent Spring and use up all the pretty floral items I received.

I had a spare little doll in a box still so stripped her and used her panties for a pattern to make out of the blue fabric.

I pulled one of the flowers apart to use the petals for the skirt.

I also used the blue fabric to make a little top for her (She is quite modest you know!).

And finally I glued some wire to some leaves for her fairy wings.

Finished the Present !

This morning I checked everything had dried nicely and I could now reassemble the art journal and put some photos in the frame.

Then I tied some ribbons onto the journal for the finishing touch.

Wrap it and DD1 is ready for this afternoon.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birthday Present Nearing Completion

So! I have been working most of the week at these little babies and they are coming along fine.

Just a few finishing up touches and letting things dry.

Tomorrow I can assemble the art journal back together.

When they are finished I have a good idea for the challenge.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Birthday Present

DD1 came home with a birthday invitation on Friday for a party next weekend. I had promised to make her friend's pressie, similar to what I made my niece.

I had to go out yesterday to buy the letter, art journal and paper, paint etc.

Today I sanded the photo frame and letter and got them painted first coat.

They are coming along but I hope I finish them in time. Looks like the challenge has to go on the back burner and let some ideas stew in my mind.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Christy's Craft Challenge

I received my packet of craft goodies to participate in this Month's Christy's craft challenge.
I have until the end of May 27th to make and upload a photo using something of each craft item received: fabric,paper, flowers, leaves, buttons and floral wire.

A challenge or what.